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[ODP] The international general socioeconomic factor: Factor analyzing international

Added those in the second draft.

I originally planned to have a second author, but he ended up not contributing enough for it to be fair to add him.

Well, Lynn et al have been arguing that national differences in G give rise too all kinds of differences between countries in socioeconomic variables. Lynn and Vanhanen's 2012 book is generally a summary of such findings. What my paper does is to statistically integrate these into a larger construct, S. One can do this without attributing any causal power to national G. I of course think that the causal route is mostly from G to S, but also some reverse causation, mostly concerning with diseases and nutrition.

This new version has changed the "we" to "I".

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"Furthermore, the correlations between cognitive measures and the S factors from both datasets were
stronger than the indexes as made by the authors. This indicates that it is the first factor that
drives the relationship, not the remaining variance"
In my opinion, this is the most interesting empirical finding of this paper. Your use of the method of correlated vectors supports this conclusion and I think it should be mentioned in the abstract and in the discussion.
I was surprised to find the MCV result to be so high, and in both datasets. .99 and .98 is pretty fantastic by MCV standards.
(2014-Jul-22, 15:55:32)Emil Wrote: I was surprised to find the MCV result to be so high, and in both datasets. .99 and .98 is pretty fantastic by MCV standards.

Yes, that is why you should emphasize it more in abstract and conclusion.Perhaps title too?
How about this abstract?

Quote:Many studies have examined the correlations between national IQs and various country-level indexes of country well-doing and wealth. The analyses have been unsystematic and not gathered in one single analysis or dataset. In this paper I gather a large sample of country-level indexes and show that there is a general socioeconomic factor (S factor) which is highly correlated (about .86-87) with national cognitive ability using either Lynn and Vanhanen's dataset or Altinok's. Furthermore the method of correlated vectors showed that the correlation between variable loadings on the S factor and cognitive measurements were .99 in both datasets using both cognitive measurements
...and this suggests that latent S factor is responsible for the correlation between socioeconomic variables and IQ.
Well, there are two lines of evidence for that. The fact that the correlations between the S factor is higher than the author chosen composite, and that the MCV shows a .99 correlation between S factor loadings and cognitive scores using both LV and Altinok's datasets.
Then add this to the abstract
Here's a new draft.

I have changed the abstract per Piffer's request.

I have rewritten the discussion of component loadings on S and their desirability since this seemed to cause some confusion.

Otherwise some small language changes.

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I approve publication
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