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[ODP] New crime data for Norway, Finland and Italy

(2014-Jul-09, 21:18:38)Chuck Wrote:
(2014-Jul-09, 19:33:23)Emil Wrote: If it is impossible to obtain matching datasets, then there's two options regarding the Italian data: 1) leave it out of the paper entirely, 2) keep it in but note it's deficiency.

Which do reviewers prefer?

Imagine you found that the Italian results agreed with your theoretical perspective and then after that you found the mismatch. What would you do? Do that. Generally, you shouldn't assume that a transferability hypothesis is correct. Or that it will hold for all countries:

(a) It might not hold at all, meta-analytically
(b) It might hold under some select conditions (for certain groups of destination countries)
© It might hold on average, but with some major moderators (e.g., Mediterranean countries)
(d) It might hold more or less consistently

At this point we are trying to collect data which we can later aggregate. We should be open to the possibility that our hypothesis is false and we should be constructively critical of the position. I would only approve this paper if you at least entertain possibility b and c and conjecture why a transferability hypothesis might only hold for Scandinavian countries. Maybe we should try to look at non-European data. I came across some Japanese crime rates by nation of origin a while back -- I'll see if I can locate the file.

I would include it, as I am wary about publication bias which also results from authors not reporting tests that did not come out with the preferred p-value.

I have asked Ken Kura (who I met in London at the Intelligence conference) to locate the Japanese data. I'll send him a new email.
I am withdrawing this paper because I am using the Norwegian data for another paper and waiting for the Italian statistics people to get back to us regarding useful Italian data.
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