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[ODP] Intelligence in Jordan: Norms for the Standard Progressive Matrices

(2014-Apr-14, 23:50:26)Philbrick Bastinado Wrote:
(2014-Apr-14, 12:34:40)Emil Wrote:
(2014-Apr-14, 02:15:52)Philbrick Bastinado Wrote: This paper consists of nothing more than a summary of another paper. I would consider approving its publication if it were a thorough review of the IQ of Jordan, including detailed commentary on several studies. However, as is, the paper is far below the standards of this journal and should be rejected.

These kind of papers have been published before (not in ODP, but other journals). The reason to publish them is that the original works are not accessible (not available on the Internet or in a language unreadable for most people: Jordanian Arabic). When a paper like this is published, it makes the results available for further analysis for other researchers, especially for meta-analyses or larger datasets.

Why publish this separately? It should be published as part of a separate analysis.

For easier referencing per my above comments.
If so, the article should contain a full translation of relevant parts of the text (as far as is permitted by the university and by the original author).
I give my OK to this paper for publication. However, I think the authors should include a brief note in the discussion, that the results indicate greater FE gains in Jordan compared to UK, as suggested by the tendency for more recent IQ scores to be higher than older ones. The IQ in 1972 is 74.25 and the IQ in 2009 is 86-88.6. I suggest that the author highlights this in the discussion, which would provide guidance for future studies testing this hypothesis, that IQ gains were bigger in Middle Eastern countries compared to UK in the 1970-2009 period.
Now we've got 2 OKs (mine and Meng Hu's), so if Emil confirms his OK to publication, this paper can be published.
If published as brief communication, with fixed formatting and perhaps a note about the FLynn effect, then it's publishable in my opinion.
I've added a note about the Flynn Effect. Here is the updated version: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10iTe...sp=sharing
(2014-Apr-15, 13:45:40)LYNNR540@aol.com Wrote: I've added a note about the Flynn Effect. Here is the updated version: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10iTe...sp=sharing

I have edited it slightly.


Let me know if this edit is fine with the authors, then publication can happen.
Thanks Emil. The edit is fine. You can publish.
The final PDF.

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The paper is published.

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