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Publication types

There is some discussion in the other forum about types of publications.

Right now there are no types of publications declared. We have published one research article and one booklet and quite a few research articles are submitted and one commentary.

So, should we introduce types of publications? This information would be stated in the publication and well as tagging posts with the type of publication making for easier searching.

Some types I can think of:

Research article presents new data or at least new analyses of data. The data can be first data or second order (primary study, review article). Length 1-30 pages.
Booklet is a kind of publication that is too short to be called a book but longer than typical papers. Usually has a less formal style of writing. Length 30-60 pages.
Book is a long publication often with a less formal writing style. It has some overall theme. Pages >60.
Commentary is a shorter publication that primarily contains comments on other publications, often a target paper. Usually does not offer new data.
Letter is a form of very short publication that features some extra comments on earlier work.
(2014-Apr-02, 20:09:16)Emil Wrote: Letter is a form of very short publication that features some extra comments on earlier work.

All the other publications are fine. However, I would replace "Letter" with "Brief communication". Letter is less substantial and shorter than a brief communication and the name "Letter" made sense in 18th century journals, it's very old. But now in this century there are forums, so if someone wants to state their point of view or an observation, they can just open a new thread in "Other discussions", like I did with the Extra-sensory perception report.
A brief communication features comments but also adds new perspective (ways of testing hypotheses, original observations, etc.).
Seems reasonable to me.
Quote:What length should a brief report be?

I guess 0-3 pages.
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