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[ODP] Do exercise games increase cognitive ability? a reanalysis of Stanmore et al

I plan to add more meta-analytic tests, but it slow going because I could not find any good implementations, so I have to write my own. I'm building a set of related meta-analytic functions that can then be widely applied to different datasets at ease.

So far I have covered:

- forest plot
- funnel plot
- p-curve + binomial test
- test of insufficient variance

To be added:

- some more funnel functionality
- more forest functionality e.g. cumulative meta-analysis by year/effect size
- z-curve
- p-uniform
- R-index
- more?

These will be available under the meta_ prefix in my package. Once the functions are reasonably well-tested and stable (e.g. 1 year after use), I will move them to their own package.

All of the above work automatically when applied to an rma object. This is the most commonly used meta-analytic package in R as far as I know, and thus the prime target for building on top of.
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