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[OQSPS] Name features and social status

This study is an interesting exploration of whether first names communicate information related to socioeconomic status of name bearers. I like this piece, and I think it can be published with some modest revisions:
·        I wish there were more links to the literature on naming practices. There is a great deal of literature about naming practices and the information that names communicate (e.g., Abel & Kruger, 2007; Edwards & Caballero, 2008; Fryer & Levitt, 2004; Lieberson & Mikelson, 1995; Varnum & Kitayama, 2011)
·        Page 1: “The results showed strong evidence of validity.” This sentence is vague. Do you mean the results showed strong evidence that linguistic characteristics of names correlated with socioeconomic indicators?
·        I’m confused by the claim that one can infer approximate ancestry from first names (page 2). Please provide some detail (e.g., percentage of non-immigrants who have a name matching their ethnicity) and a citation. (Perhaps I’m skeptical because none of my children have names matching my or my spouse’s predominant ethnicities.)
·        Page 2: The author states that income, criminal convictions, house ownership, and unemployment are all positively correlated. Shouldn’t criminal convictions and unemployment be negatively correlated with the other two variables?
·        The biggest problem with the manuscript is that it does not make it clear to a non-expert how the name scoring procedure resulted in a variable value for a name. For example, was a point value for assigned to each pattern and then these were summed for each name? Did the process create a unique score for each name? Please add a few sentences to clarify this point.
·        Don’t say that a p-value distribution is uniform “by chance” (p. 4). This is vague. Say that this is the expected distribution of p-values if the null hypothesis were perfectly true. I suggest making a similar change on p. 13.
·        It’s not clear that, “This can be inferred because only rare names would tend to produce very large effect sizes” (p. 4). What is your logic here? Please explain.
·        For Table 1, add two columns that would let your reader know the percentage of adults in Denmark with each of these first names. That would help provide some context. (Ignore this suggestion if this information is not available.)
·        Adding a mean, SD, and median S factor score for Danish and non-Danish names (perhaps in the caption of Figure 3) would be helpful.
·        Please provide evidence or a citation that high status secular Turks would give their children Turkish names instead of Muslim names. (Sounds plausible, but some supporting evidence is needed.)
·        Yes, the paragraph on pp. 11-12 stating that the skew in Figure 3 is caused by the inclusion of non-Danish names is almost certainly true. Figure 4 indicates that three foreign groups of names in particular (Arabic, Polish, and Turkish) scored MUCH lower on the S factor—on average—than the overall mean. This might be worth mentioning.
·        Correct a few instances of awkward writing, vague language, or grammatical errors:
o  Eliminate the use of “we” in a general sense (p. 2).
o  The second-to-last sentence on the first paragraph on p. 2 is very hard to understand.
o  The brackets at the end of p. 2 are confusing. At first, I thought that “aeiouæøå” was an example of a “fraction vowel.”
o  Whose expectations are you referring to on p. 7?
o  Page 8: You use the term “significant.” Please specify whether this is statistical, practical, or clinical significance. (Never use “significant” alone.)
o  The phrase “we subset” is awkward because (1) there is only 1 author, and (2) I’m not sure “subset” is a verb.
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