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[OQSPS] Explaining Terrorism Threat Level Across Western Countries

I would like to assign John Fuerst as an external reviewer, since he has already reviewed the paper.
I checked, if somewhat haphazardly, over the "the religion of peace" data. It seems to be reliable. Granting so, I don't see any unresolved problems with the paper and so I approve publication.
We have three approvals per the journal requirement:
1. Emil Kirkegaard
2. LJ Zigerell
3. John Fuerst "Chuck" (external)

So, before publication, what remains to be done is for the author to make a final version with the right dates (and any last check for errors), upload it to OSF, notify me and then I will publish it.
Noah has finished the publication version and updated the OSF. It has been published:


Moving thread...
Following the spate of Islamist terrorist attacks over the summer, I have added a post-publication supplement to the paper's OSF page.
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