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A sociology journal?

See also earlier blogpost: http://emilkirkegaard.dk/en/?p=5459

I have been doing a lot of sociology research lately and need a place to publish it. Since publishing on Winnower does not actually result in any actual reviewing post publication in many cases, some pre-publication review seems called for.

However, both journals currently hosted here are not so suited for this kind of publication. For this reason I have been considering adding another journal.


People I have approached so far with respect to being reviewers:

Noah Carl, PHD student in sociology

Random C. Analysis, science blogger

Unsilenced science, science blogger

Gwern, science & rationality blogger, polymath extraordinary


The trouble with approaching people is that generally the hot shots (professors) are usually already very busy and thus reluctant to join yet another review board, nevermind one hosted by a master's student in linguistics interested in quantitative social science with a semi-contrarian view point.

John Fuerst, Meng Hu, Dalliard (and myself) would presumably be capable and willing to review for this journal as well, but since these are fairly close collaborators, it is not of so much use to me when I want outside review.

I can try to convince Linda Gottfredson and Robert Gordon, both of whom I met at the ISIR conference in New Mexico. They may be willing, but both are fairly old.
Noah and Unsilenced science have agreed to join as reviewers.
Random C. Analysis has likewise agreed to review. Maybe we are getting somewhere.
I asked LJ Zigerell to review and he agreed.

His website can be found here http://www.ljzigerell.com/ He's an Assistant Professor, at Illinois State University with an interest in replicability, open data and open code in social science.
The name has been agreed upon, Open Quantitative Sociology & Political Science.

A website has been set up as well: http://openpsych.net/OQSPS/

The front page has not been updated yet, because we want to have the first batch of papers ready before we launch. :)
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