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Thoughts on "How geography influences complex cognitive ability"

(2015-Jun-06, 00:24:26)Emil Wrote: Frequentist modeling
Bayesian equivalent

Using an arbitrary threshold is a fundamental part of NHST. The talk of "significance" invites and frequently results in misunderstanding the results. Never use "significant" to mean low p. Just say "low p", or spell it out "the data is unlikely given a null model", that is what p means.

Then there is the very common inference that p>threshold means no effect. This conclusion is of course very often wrong because studies are consistently underpowered and have been so for decades.

Just use confidence intervals. Bayesian modeling has few advantages over just using CIs and it is much more complicated to use.

I do not like the word "stat sig" either..I just had a brief relapse into common language but hopefully here we all know that significant thresholds are arbitrary.
It is better not to invite the confusion. Surveys show that other scientists don't know what it means either. I cannot find the survey again, but if even non-social science researchers cannot understand the meaning, it is too confusing to use. I have stopped using it and I won't be using NHST in my papers either.
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