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Review Process

The best way to get more reviewers is to improve the impact of the OP journal, or to email people about your work if you think it's a very important one. If you want to get non-hereditarian reviewers, you do the same; email people whose work is related to yours. Of course, if you only publish things about race differences, that will make things a little bit complicated.
I don't only publish that, but often publish on that. :p

Future projects I have some work on are:
- Admixture in the Americas with John Fuerst
- OkCupid data mining (perhaps with Piffer?) + Using OKCupid data as an intelligence test
- An examination of the CRT and ICAR tests in a Danish student sample with Oliver Nordbjerg
- Stereotype accuracy in Denmark with Julius Bjerrekær

Only the first explicitly concerns racial stuff. The last concerns immigrant groups, but causes are not relevant. The second and third have no race or immigrant or other stuff like that.
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