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Peer-reviewed book in OP ?

It's an idea that I had. And I think it deserves to be considered. Especially, such project can assemble people with different views. Emil, for example, cares that this journal can attract scholars with very diverse views on group differences in IQ. As a matter of illustration, I have two books in mind :

Modgil, S., & Modgil, C. (Eds.). (1987). Arthur Jensen: consensus and controversy. Routledge.
Nyborg, H. (Ed.). (2003). The scientific study of general intelligence: tribute to Arthur Jensen. Elsevier.

We can, following what the above authors did, choose one particular topic of discussion, and invite people with different views (the sine qua none condition) to write a chapter (alone or with co-authors). That could be a research article or a commentary. Each person (or group) will submit here a draft version of the chapter. We will read them, make requests if there are any. Each authors can possibly refer to other chapters (this is something they do) in their own discussion.

In some instances, there are books where several authors respond to other authors. This journal can allow that, I think (and I hope).

Of course, one needs to be the editor of the book, and (s)he will write the 1st and last chapter, as well as the introduction section, as is usually the case. The editor of the book should probably decide about the maximum or minimum length of a given chapter. The editor(s) should also be the one(s) to initiate a contact with scholars, describe the main theme of the book, and ask them to write a chapter.

In other journals, the books are not made available. So, OP has a great advantage here. You can capitalize on it.
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