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G factor (wikipedia entry)

(2014-Aug-08, 16:49:22)Peter Frost Wrote: The text seems sympathetic (or at least not hostile) to the hereditarian position. This may just be a case of a statement that used to be true but no longer is.

Sorry for not noticing this thread before now. That article was written almost entirely by Victor Chmara, who seems to be generally sympathetic towards the hereditarian perspective. He wrote the article in spring of 2012, so the problem with that part of it is just that it's become outdated in the past two years.

It shouldn't be a problem for someone here to update it. Remember what I said here about which sorts of sources are best, though. Instead of citing the Rietvald study itself, it would be better to cite a literature review summarizing that study, if any exist.

EDIT: Actually, it would probably be better to cite a paper discussing the Deary 2011 study rather than the Rietvald study. The specific thing measured in the Rietvald study was educational attainment, and Wikipedia articles aren't supposed to include any conclusions that aren't explicitly stated in the sources being cited. (However, if there's a literature review that discusses the Rietvald study in the context of g, citing the literature review for this conclusion would be okay.)
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