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G factor (wikipedia entry)

(2014-Aug-07, 01:00:50)Emil Wrote: No need to jump to conclusions. Wikipedia was correct about this a few years ago. However, now some SNPs have been repeatedly replicated. Effect sizes are small, but that's not really a criticism, that just means there are lots of genes that affect general mental ability. That's hardly surprising. The brain is very complicated. :)

We can update it with some references. Basically, one would add the paper about most findings are probably false positives along with the replications of the new findings from the Rietvald et al paper and subsequent replications.

Good luck with that! I hope the editors will approve the changes but I really doubt it. I once tried updating a Wikipedia entry where height was declared as "measured", when in reality was "self reported". They didn't bother changing it. Given the nature of the debate on intelligence genes, I think the task will be even harder.
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