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Policy concerning abusive language

Some people are very sensitive to these matters. For instance, in Jan and my's submission to Intell we had to change a remark about how Headstart had been a waste of money. The goal of Headstart (as obvious from the name) is to boost the mental test and academic performance of the subjects. In this it has utterly failed. It is no small amount of money per year that has been wasted towards this goal.

We wrote:
Quote:Based on meta-analytical data and employment of the method of correlated vectors we showed that there is a strong and negative correlation of Headstart gains with g. Headstart programs can raise IQ test scores successfully, but not general mental ability per se. If Headstart programs were only meant to raise g, an astonishingly large amount of money has been wasted that could have perhaps been put to good use for raising the quality of life for low-SES children.

Reviewer reply:
Quote:The method is clear and analyses appear sound. However, the authors employ
language that is a bit inflammatory in discussing the significance of their results. Early
intervention programs are meant to increase intelligence--and some argue other socially
desirable outcomes like adequate nutrition, self-care skills, social skills, etc.--which they
do. That those IQ gains need to be on the general factor as opposed to test specific
variance in order to be worth the investment is open for debate. To further call such
efforts “an astonishingly large amount of money...wasted” (p. 16) is unnecessary. The
research here is interesting enough without the attack.
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