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Policy concerning abusive language

Internet discussion forums are known to contain many insults veiled to various degrees. So far, no one had used the report feature of the forums -- until now. Therefore, it is time to decide what kind of policy to have concerning the issue. I have previously been a moderator of the then largest internet discussion forum for freethinkers (atheists and the like) named Freeratio.

I can think of various things to moderate:

1. Bot spam.
2. Foul language; swear words.
3. Personal insults.

I think almost everyone agrees that (1) should be moderated. We have in fact several measures against bots installed right now, which seem to be working perfectly.

Some people will want to filter (2). It can be done to various degrees. The least degree would involve only moderating posts that contain no contribution but only swear words. The highest degree would involve automatic filters for all known swear words.

There will be disagreement about what to do about (3) also because people vary in how sensitive they are to insults. Some people hardly ever get insulted, while others get insulted by the slightest remark. The lowest degree of moderation would involve only moderating outright insults like "Fuck you" or "$name is a moron".

Against (3) one may say that the forum software contains the option of blocking people one doesn't like, hiding their posts from vision. People who aren't logged in, however, will see all posts and may get a bad impression if there is a lot of insults thrown around.

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