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[OQSPS] Turnout, campaign visits, and outcomes in the 2016 U.S. presidential election

Ugh. I'm not excited about doing this, but I'd be even less excited if I didn't. I no longer feel comfortable associating myself with OpenPsych and therefore would like this submission to be withdrawn. I originally submitted it in the hope that I would be able to increase the credibility of this journal and cause it to be seen as better than a hereditarian echo chamber, but I am now highly doubtful that this can be successful. Also, I don't want my reputation to be damaged (additionally at least) from associating with any other members of this forum. I think I should try to submit my work to another journal, where I don't have to rationalize associating myself with the editors by telling myself I don't agree with everything they think or say. I appreciate Emil's feedback on this post.
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