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Request for non-open access articles

(2014-Sep-15, 06:03:33)Emily Wrote: Here you go.


Eminently quotable:

Quote:As John Stuart Mill noted in "On Liberty" in 1859, calls for civility are often a tool to enforce conformity. A fierce and angry defense of the values of the dominant class might be hailed as righteous rage, but even a milder, dissenting opinion is easily labeled uncivil. In my 13 years defending student and faculty speech, I have learned that campus administrators are most likely to deem as "uncivil" speech that criticizes them or the university's sacred cows. Meanwhile, students who agree with the administration are likely to be complimented for speaking truth to power.
See also http://www.huffingtonpost.com/greg-lukia...91878.html
He also published two books on the topic. Perhaps we should read them. He's on Twitter too. http://www.twitter.com/glukianoff
I am not that interested in philosphy tbh. Ordered and am going to read this:

[Image: Pinkers_Guide_to_Classic_Style.253.png]

In case image does not show: http://www.ieet.org/images/uploads/Pinke...le.253.png
Could someone post the peer comments and Wahlsten's response to them for this Behavioral and Brain Sciences target article?
Sorry Dalliard, my university does not have access back to 1990, only to 1997.
Out of curiosity, why do you want to read his stuff? He's clearly an anti-eugenics warrior. http://www.psych.ualberta.ca/~wahlsten/eugenics.html

His website lists among interest areas: "4. The biological unreality of "g" (general intelligence)".

His biography shows that he first acquired a PHD in physics (so he's not unintelligent), and then moved over into behavior genetics and his sole interest seems to be arguing for interaction effects for intelligence. That effort seems inspired by his research in mouse behavior genetics which apparently shows interaction effects. http://www.psych.ualberta.ca/~wahlsten/bio.html
In general, I've found that it clarifies my own thinking to read stuff that's contrary to my priors, provided that it's written in good faith and competently. But in this case I'm more interested in the critical peer comments.
I read the paper. So his main point is that ANOVA tests of interaction effects are underpowered, so their lack of significance does not imply lack of existence. I imagine this issue has been clearly solved by now given that present day twin studies have N's in the thousands which should yield sufficient power to detect even small interaction effects with high chance.
Can I have http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20712152?

I'm planning to write a brief response to it for OpenPsych.
(2014-Sep-17, 15:40:35)Andrew Sabisky Wrote: Can I have http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20712152?

I'm planning to write a brief response to it for OpenPsych.


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