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Posted by: Emil - 2017-Apr-24, 08:04:02 - Forum: Submissions - Replies (3)

Do exercise games increase cognitive ability? a reanalysis of Stanmore et al (2017)

Stanmore et al. (2017) meta-analyzed 17 studies examining whether electronic games that involved exercise increased cognitive ability. They estimated the effect size to be 0.44 d. The data from their study were reanalyzed, and the evidential basis for the claim was found to be much weaker than what the authors concluded. Taken as a whole, the literature is consistent with an effect size of 0, but it is not possible to be sure because the published studies used too small samples.

6 pages.


Posted by: NoahCarl - 2017-Mar-19, 17:33:08 - Forum: Submissions - Replies (9)

Open Quantitative Sociology & Political Science

Noah Carl

The Political Attitudes of British Academics

Carl (2017) recently published a report claiming that individuals with left-wing and liberal views are overrepresented in British academia. One weakness of this report was that it relied almost exclusively on party support data. Using data from the 2015 wave of the British Election Study Panel, the present study confirms that the political attitudes of British academics are somewhat more economically left-wing (0.38sd), and are substantially more socially liberal (0.84sd), than those of the general population. It also documents that British academics are substantially more likely to read The Guardian newspaper (the UK’s most left-liberal newspaper) than members of the general population (31 ppts). Adjusting for demographic characteristics, education and openness to experience reduces the difference on social liberalism by 0.20sd, and reduces the difference on Guardian readership by 5 ppts, but increases the difference on economic leftism by 0.07sd.

Key words:
Academics; political attitudes; left-wing; liberal; education; openness

~3,000 words, 13 pages.



Data can be accessed on the website for the BES:


Posted by: Emil - 2016-Nov-24, 05:07:03 - Forum: Submissions - Replies (2)

Open Quantitative Sociology & Political Science

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard

Name features and social status: an exploratory study of 1,890 Danish first names

A dataset of the relative social status of 1,890 first names of persons living in Denmark was obtained from a previous study. Linguistic features were generated based mostly on n-grams augmented by regex and each name was scored on each feature. The list of features were then pruned based on their presence in the data such that features that never or almost never appeared in the data were discarded. An initial check using t-tests showed strong signal in the features taken as a whole and that this was due mostly to low status names being more similar. LASSO regression was then used to select a subset of features with above chance level validity. Finally, an OLS model was fit based on the LASSO chosen features. This model showed a cross-validated R2 of .40, equivalent to a correlation of .63. It was concluded that subtle linguistic features in first names have substantial validity for predicting relative social status in Denmark.

Key words:
first name, social status, linguistics, computational linguistics, variable selection, n-gram


~1300 words, ~5 pages.


None suggested.

Posted by: Emil - 2016-Oct-22, 20:49:27 - Forum: Submissions - Replies (14)

Open Differential Psychology

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard

Criminal and antisocial behavior and cognitive ability in a sample of dating site users


The relationship between cognitive ability and a broad variety of criminal and antisocial (CAS) behaviors was examined in a sample of dating site users. Cognitive ability was scored from 14 suitable items using item response theory. 11 of the 13 items were negatively related to cognitive ability with latent correlations ranging from .01 to -.29, and a median of -.14. Correlations for males were stronger with a mean/median male/female ratio of 1.7/1.4.

The CAS items were all positively correlated (mean correlation = .23) and formed a general CAS factor. Attempts were made to use item response theory to score this factor, but results proved unsatisfactory. Instead, a simple score was calculated by summing the items. This score correlated -.16 [-.14 to -.18] with cognitive ability.

To examine the influence of confounders, an OLS model was fit using cognitive ability, gender, age, and cognitive ability x gender as predictors and the simple summed score as the dependent. In this model, the standardized beta cognitive ability was -.19. A series of robustness checks were made using alternative model specifications which provided near identical results.

Key words:

crime, antisocial behavior, violence, cognitive ability, IQ, intelligence, dating site, gender, sex

~4000 words, ~16 pages.


I will attempt to recruit one of the following: Brian Boutwell, Joseph Schwartz and John Wright.

Posted by: Emil - 2014-Mar-08, 17:16:48 - Forum: Submissions - No Replies

To submit a paper, simply start a thread with the paper. Detailed instructions below.

We focus on the science, not the formal requirement. We don't want scientists to spend more time formatting papers than writing them. For this reason we have minimal requirements for formatting. Basically, it should look like academic writing. Use any reference system you like, as long as it is sensible.

However, Google Scholar has certain requirements for indexing papers properly. Authors are recommended to follow these requirement as it will ease the indexing of their own work.

To summarize, they are:

  1. Font size 24 for title.
  2. Font size 16 for authors.
  3. No author affiliation on the same line as authors (use footnotes).
  4. Include a citation of the paper itself in the header.
  5. Use only the major reference formats. They seem to prefer numbered references instead of APA-style (name, year).
The journal's OSF repository has templates in .docx, .odt and .tex formats.

To submit a paper, create a thread with the paper and the supplementary material.

Thread titles must have the format: "[journal abbreviation] Title".

Journal abbreviations are:
  • [ODP] - Open Differential Psychology
  • [OBG] - Open Behavioral Genetics
  • [OQSPS] - Open Quantitative Sociology & Political Science

Example submissions title: "[ODP] Predicting Immigrant IQ from their Countries of Origin, and Lynn's National IQs: A Case Study from Denmark"

The post must contain the draft either in text or via link to some readable major format (.doc(x), .odt, .html, .pdf).
The post must contain the abstract.
The post must contain the data.

We prefer that authors use Open Science Framework to host their submissions, code, data and other files. This enables easy management of files and revisions (versioning). It makes it easier for reviewers and others to follow each file as it was in different stages thruout the submission-revision process.

Usually, reviewers will request changes or find errors in the paper. Authors can choose which criticism to adhere to, but they should remember that they will need to satisfy a number of reviewers to gain acceptance for publication. When submitting a revision, please make a reply post in the submission thread instead of updating the original post with a new file.

There are two reasons for this. First, this results in the thread marked marked as 'active' which tells reviewers that something has happened in it. This does not happen when one only edits a post. Second, it means that the entire review history can be followed. If one updates the file instead, then the older drafts are no longer available. Optimally, authors should use Open Science Framework to handle the files.

FAQ here.

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