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Posted by: Michael Wood - 2018-May-30, 15:04:06 - Forum: Submissions - Replies (1)

Evolutionary Game Theory and Electoral Dynamics

 It is argued that there is a fundamentally different dynamic
between typical electoral competition as modeled by the Median Voter
Theorem and the recent  EU Referendum held in the UK. It is proposed 
that the replicator dynamic from
continuous evolutionary game theory can illuminate this. This informal
exposition of the ideas avoids mathematics.

The paper is an attempt to understand why the referendum was so divisive of public opinion and so long lasting.

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Posted by: MikkelKrogsholm - 2018-Jan-02, 16:09:44 - Forum: Submissions - Replies (4)

By using data collected from candidates from the danish municipal election in 2017 and creating two indexes; one for the traditional “left-right” scale and one for a new “green” scale, we see that the two follow eachother very closely and are almost interchangeable. The “reddest” parties are indeed also the “greenest”.
In a danish context therefore we can conclude that green is the new red.

Key words: left-right scale, socialism, liberalism, green movement

This article looks into the relationship between the “red” and the “green” political ideologies. By creating indexes that measure the two I look at how closely they are related in a danish context.
Is the green ideology a separate independent movement or does it actually belong as a subset to the older “left-right” ideologies that traditionally have been mostly concerned with questions of redistribution of wealth?

By creating an index to measure the postition of danish parties on the traditional “left-right” scale and a new index to measure the parties position on a “green” scale we see that these follow eachother very closely. In a danish context there does not seem to be a difference between red and green parties. They are in fact the same. Green is the new red.

Article and data:

Page lenght: 7
Word count: 1822

Posted by: Emil - 2014-Mar-08, 17:16:48 - Forum: Submissions - No Replies

To submit a paper, simply start a thread with the paper. Detailed instructions below.

We focus on the science, not the formal requirement. We don't want scientists to spend more time formatting papers than writing them. For this reason we have minimal requirements for formatting. Basically, it should look like academic writing. Use any reference system you like, as long as it is sensible.

However, Google Scholar has certain requirements for indexing papers properly. Authors are recommended to follow these requirement as it will ease the indexing of their own work.

To summarize, they are:

  1. Font size 24 for title.
  2. Font size 16 for authors.
  3. No author affiliation on the same line as authors (use footnotes).
  4. Include a citation of the paper itself in the header.
  5. Use only the major reference formats. They seem to prefer numbered references instead of APA-style (name, year).
The journal's OSF repository has templates in .docx, .odt and .tex formats.

To submit a paper, create a thread with the paper and the supplementary material.

Thread titles must have the format: "[journal abbreviation] Title".

Journal abbreviations are:
  • [ODP] - Open Differential Psychology
  • [OBG] - Open Behavioral Genetics
  • [OQSPS] - Open Quantitative Sociology & Political Science

Example submissions title: "[ODP] Predicting Immigrant IQ from their Countries of Origin, and Lynn's National IQs: A Case Study from Denmark"

The post must contain the draft either in text or via link to some readable major format (.doc(x), .odt, .html, .pdf).
The post must contain the abstract.
The post must contain the data.

We prefer that authors use Open Science Framework to host their submissions, code, data and other files. This enables easy management of files and revisions (versioning). It makes it easier for reviewers and others to follow each file as it was in different stages thruout the submission-revision process.

Usually, reviewers will request changes or find errors in the paper. Authors can choose which criticism to adhere to, but they should remember that they will need to satisfy a number of reviewers to gain acceptance for publication. When submitting a revision, please make a reply post in the submission thread instead of updating the original post with a new file.

There are two reasons for this. First, this results in the thread marked marked as 'active' which tells reviewers that something has happened in it. This does not happen when one only edits a post. Second, it means that the entire review history can be followed. If one updates the file instead, then the older drafts are no longer available. Optimally, authors should use Open Science Framework to handle the files.

FAQ here.

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