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Full Version: Feature request: Separate link to supplementary materials
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Admin note. This post was originally in another thread, but it should be in the meta-forum, so I have moved it. -Emil

(2014-Dec-24, 16:48:53)Emil, in another thread' Wrote: [ -> ]I agree Peter. But they did supply the scan for the Sudanese study. It is in my post here.

Dear Emil,

Could you somehow make a link to the scanned paper on the "Open Differential Psychology" site. It is, I think, too much to require readers to dig through the lengthily forum threads.

Instead of:
Download Paper
Forum thread and supplementary materials

Would it be possible to have:
Download Paper
Forum thread
Supplementary materials

where "Supplementary" materials linked to a separate thread for each paper in which the final materials were attached.
Yes, that feature is already made I think. We have just not been using it so far. Otherwise, I can quickly code it (php). We don't need a separate thread. Just put stuff on OSF or in a specific post in the review thread.
Chuck, can you take a look at this paper and tell me if this is ok?

I have added a link to the supplementary material, in this case the dataset on Google Drive. I have reworded the other link to "Download supplementary material.
Forum thread with peer-review.".

This change affects all previous publications as well, so an editor should go through them and make the necessary changes.