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Full Version: Banned users
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This thread lists banned users and the reason for the ban.

All five look to be Russian spammers.
Banned some more of the same users:

They appear to be made manually as sleeper bots (inactive until activated and will then spam the boards). I have banned the entire IP subnet now (94.24.142.*). This will hopefully solve things. All the users were made from this IP range (Russian).
I banned more Russian bots, and took additional measures this time. I won't share them here since I don't want to give away my defensive strategies.
Protoawsx was banned as a lilkely Russian spammer.
More Russian spambots: Intehedco, Hotetgvnb, Awtorvops, Buharfvto, Rivivcops, Udochvkls.
Two more Russian bots: Bsdgzxczr, Chefzcrvt
Two more: Afcavczxx, Photrtbvm
Mikemikev for antisemitism.
Well-known troll.
TombRaider for this:

Hammock for being a sock puppet of the above.
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