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Full Version: Request for non-open access articles
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Can anyone find the following?

Ethnic and Racial Studies

Volume 37, Issue 1, 2014: Special Issue: The first and second generations compared: generational change in Britain

--Defining difference: the role of immigrant generation and race in American and British immigration studies
--Explaining intergenerational variations in English language acquisition and ethnic language attrition
--Is there assimilation in minority groups' national, ethnic and religious identity?
--Ethno-religious minorities and labour market integration: generational advancement or decline?
Here you go.
(2014-Nov-29, 05:09:23)Emil Wrote: [ -> ]Here you go.

One of the papers employed the recent Children of European Immigrants Study which has a verbal measure of cognitive skills and detailed region of origin and demographic data for England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.
I stumbled upon this:

Quote:People tend to search for evidence that will confirm their existing beliefs while also ignoring or downplaying disconfirming evidence. This confirmation bias (Nickerson, 1998) is widespread among both laypeople and scientists (Ioannidis, 2012). It is extremely difficult to avoid confirmation bias in everyday reasoning; for example, courses in “critical thinking” temporarily suppress confirmation bias, but do not eliminate it (Lilienfeld, Ammirati, & Landfield, 2009). Even research communities of highly intelligent and well-meaning individuals can fall prey to confirmation bias, as IQ is positively correlated with the number of reasons people find to support their own side in an argument, and is uncorrelated with the (much lower) number of reasons people find to support the opposing argument (Perkins, Farady & Bushey, 1991).

Perkins, D. N., Farady, M., & Bushey, B. (1991). Everyday reasoning and the roots of intelligence. In D.N. Perkins, M. Farady, & B. Bushey (Eds.), Informal reasoning and education. (pp. 83-105). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Can't find the book above or the chapter itself.
(2014-Dec-02, 11:19:51)Duxide Wrote: [ -> ]Can someone get this?

Can anyone find the full text for this?
(2015-Jan-06, 01:08:39)Peter Frost Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone find the full text for this?

I need a passage from Linnaeus's Critica botanica (1737). Can anyone find an english language version? I need this passage specifically:
Jayman wanted this.
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